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News / Mashable - 1 year ago

Why are American Girl dolls expensive?

The American Girl brand wants to educate and empower young girls.  But at what cost? The beloved brand received praise this week following the announcement that it would add a new historical character to its collection: Melody, a Civil Ri...

News / Mashable - 1 year ago

Look inside the weird anatomy of 9 classic Pokémon

Twenty years ago, the original 150 Pokémon captured our imaginations with their incredible powers, fighting spirit and (let's be honest) cuteness. But even after two decades and multiple games, TV series and films, the Pokémon franchise s...

News / Mashable - 1 year ago

11 emerging British artists to add to your playlist

LONDON — 2016 is packed full of new artists whose lyrical ability and versatile flows might not have dominated the mainstream but who are certainly worth your attention. See also: 12 sun-soaked European music festivals to discover in 2016 Some...