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News / NBC 5 Weird - 1 week ago

The Stache Heard Round the World

Norway’s Robert Johansson may have gotten the bronze medal in the ski jump, but his mustache takes home the gold. Johannson said he started growing it two years ago and it has treated him well ever...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 2 weeks ago

Philly vs. Boston Accents

Water. Yard. Bagel. Car. Although the two cities heading into the Super Bowl this weekend are geographically close to one another, you’d never know it from the different ways they pronounce these

News / NBC 5 Weird - 3 weeks ago

Donut Shop Selling Tide Pod-Designed Doughnuts

A Kansas doughnut chain is using the latest social media stunt, the Tide Pod challenge, to promote a new kind of doughnut. Hurts Donut joined in on the craze by selling the doughnut version of the laundry...Photo Credit: KNSW-TV