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Mysterious Frankenstein-like R2-D2 sells for $2.6 million

As C-3PO might say: R2-D2, what are you? What are you? A mystery seller just auctioned off a version of the famous Star Wars droid — one that was assembled, Frankenstein's monster-like, from parts used in separate Artoos in five separate George Lucas...

News / Mashable - 59 minutes from now

Driverless vans will now deliver groceries in London

Forget drones — self-driving cars can now deliver your groceries.  Autonomous delivery vehicles are making drop-offs in London as part of a trial program and study spearheaded by University of Oxford self-driving spin-off Oxbotica, as well as Ocado T...

News / Mashable - 3 hours ago

'Game of Thrones' comes to Comic-Con—as a musical

HBO's Game of Thrones is usually filled with blood and gore, but at Comic-Con in San Diego, it’ll be packed with jokes and musical numbers.   SEE ALSO: Here's how they make the 'Game of Thrones' music so spine-tinglingly epic Game of...