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Tech / NBC 5 Tech News - 2 months ago

Twitter to Start Labeling Political Ads

As political pressure mounts on social media companies to say where ads are coming from, Twitter will reveal more information about political advertising on its platform.Twitter said in a blog post on...Photo Credit: AP

Tech / NBC 5 Tech News - 3 months ago

Fidget Spinners in Space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station tested a fidget spinner in zero gravity. They had time to play with the popular toy in between three scheduled space walks this month.

Tech / NBC 5 Tech News - 3 months ago

The Best Ways to Finance the New iPhone 8 or X

When the iPhone first launched, the only way to get Apple's latest smartphone was through a two-year contract through AT&T. Things have changed, NBC News reported. Consumers now have the option to finance the...Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty...