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News / Mashable - 15 hours ago

Google admits it has too many music streaming services

It looks like Google is finally admitting what we all already know: The company has too many damn music streaming platforms.  YouTube's head of music confirmed on Thursday that the company plans to consolidate its two music streaming services i...

News / Mashable - 16 hours ago

Star Trek reveals its first openly gay character

Star Trek: Discovery is changing the game in many ways. And the upcoming television show is giving fans a first look at the franchise's first openly gay character: Lt. Stamets. Portrayed by Rent actor Anthony Rapp, Stamets will be the first openly g...

News / Mashable - 16 hours ago

Katy Perry will host the MTV VMAs sure OK

Katy Perry is ready for take-off.   SEE ALSO: Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' video features Brazilian 'Butt Queen' meme star The pop singer will host this year's MTV Video Music Awards in a move that honestly seems somewhat beneath her after years...