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News / Mashable - 1 year ago

Messaging app Telegram is shaking up Iran's elections

Ahead of Friday's vote in Iran, the streets of Tehran are lined with campaign posters and bustling with life, including people tapping away on their smartphones. It's happening everywhere you look, said one reporter in the Iranian capital But people...

News / NBC Chicago Top Storys - 1 year ago

Escaped 'Unicorn' Recaptured

Drivers in the Central California town of Madera got quite a surprise Wednesday night as a unicorn darted through traffic. Well, not really a unicorn, but a white pony dressed up like one for a child’s birthday...Photo Credit: Courtesy DJ Becker

News / Mashable - 1 year ago

For NFL quarterback hopefuls, (hand) size matters

Many seasonal micro-peculiarities permeate the sports world, but among the more bizarre is an annual February debate over NFL quarterbacks.  It boils down to this: Does size matter? (Relax, we're talking about hand size here.) SEE ALSO: Marsha...