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News / NBC 5 Weird - 4 months ago

Virginia Woman Finds Anaconda in Apartment Toilet

A woman called Animal Control last week after she found a snake in a toilet in an Arlington County apartment. To repeat: She. Found. A. Snake. In. A. Toilet.An animal control officer was able to safely remove...Photo Credit: Animal Welfare League of...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 4 months ago

Roads In Canada Turn Into Ice Rinks

Parts of Canada have seen so much ice building up on the roads that residents have been putting on their skates. Laura Spink posted a video from Peterborough on Monday showing an adept skater moving around with...Photo Credit: APTN

News / NBC 5 Weird - 5 months ago

Rat Hops Down Up NYC Escalator

Rats taking on giant dinner rolls and slices of pizza in the subway have become fodder for viral memes this year, but no New York City rodent has attempted such a feat as one undertaken at the height of Monday's morning rush at Penn Station. A video...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 5 months ago

Watch: Workers Throw Sex Toys to Chase Off Gunman

An armed man who entered an adult-themed store Wednesday and demanded cash was chased off by two employees who lobbed sex toys at him in a bizarre confrontation that was caught on camera.The man can be seen pacing around outside Lotions and Lace, whi...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 5 months ago

NJ Cops Corral Runaway Donkeys

Police in South Jersey came to the rescue after four "unruly donkeys" escaped from an enclosure and from responding officers. The Mount Laurel Police Department posted video to Facebook that shows part of the pursuit from the 200 block of Mount Laure...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 5 months ago

Half-Marathoner Lost for 12 Hours

Melissa Kitcher had full intentions of completing her first half-marathon Sunday, but it's safe to say she pictured it ending a little bit differently. Kitcher went missing for nearly 12 hours after running off the trail during the Trail Hog Half-Mar...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 5 months ago

NYC Subway Rat vs. Dinner Roll

This so-called Roll Mole is giving Pizza Rat a run for its money. A rat was recorded dragging a comically large dinner roll on the subway tracks on the Upper East Side last Thursday, another sign of the determination the city's rats apparently posses...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 5 months ago

Runaway Bull Takes 5-Mile Trek Through Philly

A young bull escaped from a Philadelphia slaughterhouse Tuesday afternoon, leading police on a chase past a city high school and down Interstate 95.The bovine broke free from a truck outside the Saba...Photo Credit: SixersChix This story uses functio...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 6 months ago

2-Hour Wait for Gold Toilet

Patrons at the Guggenheim are standing in line for up to two hours to use the bathroom at the Fifth Avenue museum, but they don't seem to mind the wait. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan replaced the toilet in...Photo Credit: AP