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News / NBC 5 Weird - 4 months ago

Community Embraces Goat Neighbors

A large herd of goats has become a popular fixture in one Florida community. Neighbors have been visiting and feeding the goats for years, but many had no idea how the animals ended up there.Photo Credit: WJHG-TV

News / NBC 5 Weird - 4 months ago

Mandy Moore Shower Mosaic

A mural of Mandy Moore was said to be found inside an apartment shower in Queens — a piece of art that inspired the singer and actress to respond on Twitter. Roommates apparently discovered the life-sized...Photo Credit: Getty Images, File This story...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 4 months ago

Llama Runs Free on Roads Near Athens, Georgia

A llama was on the lam in Georgia for a little while Wednesday afternoon, bringing out sheriff's deputies and, according to two witnesses, slowing traffic as onlookers gawked. The woolly scofflaw was seen...Photo Credit: Oconee County Georgia Sheriff...