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News / NBC 5 Weird - 2 months ago

Boaty McBoatface: New Sub Gets Popular Name

British officials didn't want to name a polar research ship "Boaty McBoatface," but they had no problem giving the name to a new submarine, NBC News reported. Last year, the British government agency...Photo Credit: National Oceanography Centre

News / NBC 5 Weird - 2 months ago

Watch Kids Adorably Interrupt Live TV Interview

Two children who waltzed into a live TV interview about a very serious matter of world affairs became a viral video sensation Friday. The precocious pair walked into a BBC interview with Pusan National...Photo Credit: Getty Images, File This story us...

News / NBC 5 Weird - 2 months ago

Perfect Timing Beer Truck Crash On Cam

& A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper's dashcam captured an amazing coincidence of timing during a recent crash.Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Travis Smaka had pulled over a driver for speeding."You guys have...Photo Credit: KSNV