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News / Mashable - 2 days ago

4 ways you can be as legendary as King Arthur

As far as British folklore goes, King Arthur is up there as one of the greats. His "sword in the stone" origin story has been told for ages and stands as one of the most exciting and inspirational tales in history.  Seriously, can you find a mo...

News / Mashable - 2 days ago

'Wonder Woman' gets her name in a new TV spot

"Who is this young woman?" That's the question posed by a character at the start of the latest Wonder Woman TV spot, and he might as well be speaking for curious movie audiences everywhere. SEE ALSO: Did the 'Wonder Woman' sneak peek just reveal...

News / Mashable - 2 days ago

Facebook and Google got scammed out of $100 million

A 48-year-old Lithuanian man named Evaldas Rimasauskas managed to defraud internet giants Facebook and Google of $100 million over a span of two years, according to Fortune and the United States Department of Justice. How'd he do it? A little email...