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Coal-dusted portraits of WWII women railroad workers

Mrs. Irene Bracker, mother of two, a wiper at the roundhouse.Image: Jack Delano/Library of CongressEven before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the the official entry of the United States into World War II, a massive mobilization effort had begun,...

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6 legendary women who deserve to be Disney princesses

Stories of strong females in the world are abundant, but not always told in pop culture. With the news of Elena, Disney's first Latina princess, and the anticipation of Moana, the first Hawaiian princess, you might wonder what other wonderful, exci...

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ESPN2 and ESPNU airing esports marathons Sunday

Esports: they aren't just for streaming anymore. ESPN is planning to run marathons of esports-related programming this Sunday on its ESPN2 and ESPNU networks. SEE ALSO: From Atlanta to Cologne to Kiev: The travel-weary lives of 'Counter-Strike' pro...