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News / Mashable - 1 year ago

Usher is using dick pics to sell Samsung phones

"U remind me of Usher's penis" may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Samsung phones, but that is likely to change.  The singer sent what appears to be a series of nude, sponsored Snapchats advertising the Sams...

News / Mashable - 1 year ago

Your house plant could soon charge your phone

When Mother Nature came up with photosynthesis, she likely wasn’t expecting any USB cords to be involved. Alas, there’s no stopping progress. A European startup company is currently developing an intriguing gizmo that will let you char...

News / Mashable - 1 year ago

Twitter is now a 'news' app in the Apple store

Twitter's app is leaving behind the crowded field of social networking apps to take a more prominent place in the news fray. The social network's iOS app has migrated from the "social networking" label to "news" in Apple's app store, where it curre...