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News / Mashable - 5 hours ago

Yes, that's Macaulay Culkin crucified as Kurt Cobain

Nothing to see here, just Macaulay Culkin crucified as Kurt Cobain and Ronald McDonald bursting out of someone's chest like an Alien.  It's exactly the kind of satire and dark humor we've come to expect from Father John Misty, aka Josh Till...

News / Mashable - 19 hours ago

Merriam-Webster thinks Apple lovers are sheeple

Merriam-Webster defines its new word, "sheeple," as those who are "easily influenced."  I'm sure plenty of groups of people qualify as said "sheeple." I, for example, am easily influenced by any shop selling doughnuts, and I'm sure many people...

News / Mashable - 20 hours ago

United Airlines CEO will testify in front of Congress

After his company dragged a man off an airplane, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz lost out on a seat as chairman of United's board.  Now, he has to go to Congress. Munoz will testify in front of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Commit...