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News / Mashable-2 - 2 weeks ago

YouTube makes live streaming faster than ever

Live streaming isn't always as "live" as you'd think.  Streaming videos may often look like they're happening in real time, but technological challenges typically prevent those streams from broadcasting that quickly, resulting in a seconds-long...

News / Mashable-2 - 2 weeks ago

Just 23 great photos of cats standing on two legs

It's always just a bit weird when animals that are not meant to stand on two legs decide that today is the day they'll test out their height. And somehow with cats, it's always looks a little stranger. We've found a mix of creepy and cute kittens te...

News / Mashable-2 - 3 weeks ago

12 kids who don't care what you think

Kids do the darndest things.  Perhaps it's because they have no real responsibilities, or maybe it's because they are blind to all of the world's problems. Regardless of the reasoning, most young kids are carefree on a level we can all admire.&...