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Leeches are making a slimy comeback in modern medicine

Medical bills are often littered with bizarre line items. If you're in Russia, those little charges might include half a dozen slimy, slithering leeches. About 10 million of the blood-sucking invertebrates are prescribed in Russia every year, offeri...

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Kind strangers keep feeding Mark Zuckerberg

Poor Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO spent the weekend wandering America, scoring free meals from kind strangers, who no doubt took pity on a 32-year-old man unable to afford anything but gray T-shirts and hoodies.  The first family to feed h...

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Lost kitten finally found hanging out in tissue box

Kittens are ideal pets for anyone who loves the intense dread of having misplaced a beloved helpless animal. Small, quiet, and obsessed with tight, dark spaces — kittens are the car keys of the animal kingdom. They were built to be lost. SEE A...