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Watch a possible tornado toss a car like it's nothing

[embedded content] Security camera footage captured strong winds lifting a car clear off the ground in Hamburg, New York, on Thursday, before setting it back down in a new position. It's unclear whether a tornado did in fact touch down, but either...

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Dear internet, Emma Watson needs your help

The former Harry Potter star lost 3 silver rings after taking then off during a visit at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in London. One of the rings is particularly sentimental, as it was a gift from her mother purchased the day after Watson was born. I...

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The worst thing about YouTube TV is slowly being fixed

171 Shares Image: lili sams/mashableBy Raymond Wong2017-07-20 21:30:21 UTC YouTube TV launched in April to solid reviews (including ours) back in April, but it wasn't perfect. The single biggest criticism was that it only worked in five major...