Articles: Top 10 Fast Food Burger Restaurants

Articles: Top 10 Fast Food Burger Restaurants

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Americans Pledge Allegiance To Five Guys

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Top 10 Fast Food Burger Restaurants

According to a recent& Harris Poll, 2017 is bringing some big changes, including a shift in consumer interest toward "better burgers." Harris polled more than 100,000 consumers in this year's study. For the first time, Five Guys scored the #1 position over In-N-Out who won the top spot in both 2015 and 2016.&

Many factors were considered. For example, McDonald's was rated first in familiarity& with consumers, but was seventh when it came to quality. Want to see if your favorite restaurant made this list? Find out below. And keep scrolling - if you prefer to make your own, you'll find two recipes from the Kitchens of The Food Channel.&

1. Five Guys& @five_guys


2. In-N-Out @inandoutburger


3. Shake Shack @shakeshack


4. Wendy's& @wendys


5. Culver's @culvers


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6. Whataburger @whataburger


7. McDonald's & @mcdonalds


8. Sonic America's Drive-In @sonic


9. Smashburger & @smashburger


10. Steak'N Shake & @steakandshake


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Scroll Down! Here are 2 of the Food Channel's favorite recipes for making the best burger at home.

Simply Superb Grilled Burger


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Wyoming Bison Burger


Bison meat has a rich, slightly sweet, meaty flavor and a lean, fine, marbled texture. Best part? You can pan-sear these, or cook them on a grill, and both will taste perfect. Click here for the Wyoming Bison Burger recipe!