Articles: Mother's Day Breakfast or Brunch Ideas

Articles: Mother's Day Breakfast or Brunch Ideas

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Treat Mom to a Delicious Mother's Day Meal

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Mother's Day Breakfast or Brunch Ideas

What better way to celebrate mom than by letting her sleep in and serving breakfast or brunch in bed? For all they do to nurture others, our Chefs have created three scrumptious recipes with mom in mind, complete with how-to videos. Let The Food Channel help you shine as you celebrate mom in style.


Eggs in a Garden Breakfast Tart

Eggs in a garden tart

This Eggs in a Garden Breakfast Tart is made with fresh vegetables on a buttery puff pastry crust. Recipe here. How-To video here.&


Cheesy Breakfast Burrito Casserole&

Cheesy Breakfast Burrito Casserole

This Cheesy Breakfast Burrito Casserole is a mashup of two popular dishes with an eye on Mother's Day. Made with cheesy eggs, fresh peppers and onions, topped with salsa verde and creamy cheese sauce. Now that's a celebration! Recipe here. How-to video here.


Fresh Berry Dutch Baby Pancake with Macadamia Nuts

Dutch Baby with Berries

Don't forget dessert...and what could be more flavorful than this Dutch Baby? Baked in a Dutch oven, this puff pastry, filled with fresh mixed berries and macadamia nuts, is the perfect end for your Mother's Day breakfast or brunch. Find the recipe here and how-to video here.&


Enjoy these recipes as we salute mothers everywhere, both family and chosen, on this annual day of celebration.&