Articles: 10 Famed Collegiate Restaurants in America

Articles: 10 Famed Collegiate Restaurants in America

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10 Famed Collegiate Restaurants in America

The Food Channel keeps an eye on trends in college food service, as food and beverage offerings must be top-notch to keep students engaged and on-campus. What does it take to thrive as a college restaurant? Here's a look at ten legendary locations, from our friends at FSR Magazine.&

University of California at Berkeley: Cheese Board Pizza

cheesepizza(Flickr: Lynn Friedman)

The key to Cheese Board Pizza? It's delicious. On any given day you'll find a line out the door with everyone waiting to eat the exact same pizza. That's right, they serve one type of pizza every day and it's always vegetarian! For example, a pizza made with roasted cauliflower, roasted onions, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, pistachios and garlic olive oil.&

University of Arizona: Frog & Firkin

frogandfirkin(Flickr: Whardcastle)

A pub in Tucson, Frog & Firkin is known for deep-dish pizza. Students swear it's absolutely delicious, but the pub also makes food fun. Pizza isn't complete without a side of fries and patrons can choose from red, white, green or yellow. Each color has a corresponding ingredient topping, ranging from herbs to Parmesan cheese to pizza sauce to mozzarella.&

University of Texas at Austin: Kerbey Lane Cafe

kerbeylane(Steve Santore)

The main point of interest on the menu at Kerbey Lane? The Kerbey Queso: guacamole topped with white queso and Pico de gallo. It's an all-day favorite with Austin students.&

University of Wisconsin: Mickies Dairy Bar

mickies(Flickr: Deb)

As FSR attests, enjoying food at Mickies Dairy Bar before a football game is a rite of passage. The restaurant has been serving students since the 1940s, keeping the quaint diner feel alive and well, with things like a handwritten menu on the wall and signature "Scrambler" dish.&

Harvard: Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

bartley(Flickr: Nick Holmes)

A Harvard Square staple since the 1960s, lines out the door still continue to wrap the block. The burger names are... inventive and typically based on pop-culture artists, athletes, or phrases. For example, the "Tom Brady "Triumphant"" burger contains cheddar cheese, guacamole, tomato and red onions. The "Legalize It" burger comes with marinara sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, and onions.&

University of Colorado: The Sink

sink(Flickr: Dave Dugdale)

The Sink is a bit more famous than others, with celebrities and students alike entering its doors. Known for "The best darn burger in Boulder" and its "Ugly Pizza," which has honey baked into the crust; The Sink continues to thrive.&

Georgetown: The Tombs

tombs(Flickr: Serge Melki)

Located in a townhouse that dates back to the 1850s, The Tombs opened its doors in the 1960s and continues to serve students nightly. With happy hour specials and late night menus, The Tombs is actually included in the Georgetown campus meal plans.&

University of North Carolina: Top of the Hill

topo(Flickr: Lana L)

Top of the Hill is the self-proclaimed "social crossroads" of the city, having garnered the trendy name TOPO by locals. Doubling as a brewery, all beers are brewed on-site, and outdoor and indoor games are aplenty: foosball, dartboards, and pool tables.&

Purdue: Triple XXX Family Restaurant&

triplexxx(Flickr: Philip Chang)

This diner has long-standing roots. Having been around since the 1920s, the pure cane sugar root beer is a recipe that can be traced back to 1895. The famous food? It's called the Duane Purvis All-American Burger, containing very normal ingredients until you realize... there's peanut butter on it.&

Penn State University: Waffle Shop&


The Waffle Shop has been operating since the 1970s, and on game days, you can find a line out the door. This can be attributed to their large portion sizes of fresh Belgian waffles, Iowa corn pancakes, and french toast.&


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